Members of The Westerly Morris Men

The Westerly Morris Men have just enough members to allow us to dance at most gigs for which we receive invitations. We are currently recruiting new members that we need to continue into the future. Not just dancers, but aspiring Morris musicians who can learn at the knee of master Morris musician Peter Leibert. Being a traditional men's team, all dancers are male. However, we have no restriction on musicians and are proud to have had Mayada Wadsworth join us as a full-time musician, starting just in time to play for us on the clifftop at Lantern Hill for the Vernal Equinox in 2017. Becky Noreen also plays for us on occasion, particularly on Lantern Hill.

Please contact the Web Master at to add yourself or other past dancers or musicians, to correct or add data, or to request that data be removed or not posted.

MemberLocation when memberBornStartedRetired
Peter Leibert: Squire, founder, musician Preston City, CT 1941 Original, 1974 Active
Everett Munro: Bagman New London, CT 1939 1975 Active
Norm Dudziak: Asst. squire New London, CT; Barrington, RI 1959 1983 Active
Mayada Wadsworth: Musician Pawcatuck, CT 2017 Active
Tim Groome: Dancer Norwich, CT 1955 2008 Active
Alex Groome: Dancer Norwich, CT 2017 Active
Kurt Hansen: Dancer Mystic, CT 1955 1986 Active
Allen Lawton: Dancer,
WRIU radio personality
Westerly, RI 1956 1983 Active
Darrell Moore: Dancer Greene, RI 1962 2015 Active
John Morris: Dancer East Hampton, CT 1952 1990 Active
Ian Patton: Dancer Westerly & Charlestown, RI 1963 1994 Active
Frederick Rivard: Dancer Lebanon, CT 1982 2018 Active
Lou Terranova: Dancer Westerly, RI 1979 2009 Active
Hal Walker: Dancer Wakefield, RI 1949 Original, 1974? Active
Damon Leibert: Musician (professional),
host of this web site!
Preston City, CT; Somerville, MA 1978 198? Occasional
Walter Ansel: Dancer Mystic, CT 1958 1978 1994, except
May Days
Les Blows: Dancer Watersfield, Sussex,
SE England
1949 2008 2016, was
12th Night only
Wally Fenn: Dancer,
Bagman Emeritus
Noank, CT 1920 1976 2012
Died 1/7/2014
George Utter: Dancer,
Bagman Emeritus
Westerly, RI 1922 Original, 1974 Died 3/17/2011
Ed Mason: Dancer Barrington, RI 1926 Original, 1974? Died 11/1994
Erik Ansel: Dancer Mystic, CT <1984
Dave Arnold: Dancer New London, CT Original, 1974 <1984
Bob Beckwith: Dancer Quaker Hill, CT <1984
Lee Boltz: Dancer, musician New London, CT 1951 c. 1985 ?
Ed Burke: Dancer Norwich, CT 1940s Original, 1974? c. 1988
Terry Crandall: Dancer Westerly, RI c. 1954 ? c. 2009
Paul Davis: Dancer Westerly, RI Original, 1974? ?
Matthew Duveneck: Dancer Westerly, RI: S. Stratford, VT c. 1970 c. 1988 c. 1989
Don Eccleston: Dancer Norwich, CT 1929 Original, 1974 <1990
Paul Fenn: Dancer Mystic, CT 1959 1981 1985
John Hall: Dancer Westerly, RI >1983 <1989
Andrew Howell: Dancer Westerly, RI 1983 ? ?
Gene Joy: Dancer RI 1945 1982 1983
Geoff Kaufman: Dancer, musician New London, CT 1947 c. 1985 c. 1985
Michiya Kawai: Dancer New London, CT >1985 <1992
Rick Larson: Dancer New London, CT; Bristol, RI c. 1954 ? c. 2009
Peter Leibert II: Dancer Preston City, CT c. 1980 1987 c. 1995
Gregg Morei: Dancer Norwich, CT 1960s c. 1988 c. 1993
Herb Nickel: Dancer, Lead Singer,
Bagman Emeritus
N. Stonington, CT 1928 Original, 1974 2005
Died 6/22/2017
Franklin Patton: Dancer Westerly, RI 1994 2002 2004
Scott Patton: Dancer Westerly, RI 1965 1995 2004
Andrew Peterson: Dancer Granby, CT 1949 1976? 1979
Died 6/2012
John Stainer(?): Dancer Mystic, CT Original, 1974? <1984
Bill Sternberg: Dancer Mystic, CT 1959 1983 1987
Ron Stevens: Dancer Peacedale, RI 1946 1980 1998
Bob Walser: Dancer, musician Mystic, CT 1950s c. 1984 c. 1988
Stan Wertheimer: Dancer Mystic, CT Original, 1974? >1991
Died 3/3/2016


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