Singing with the Westerly Morris Men

Yes, we used to sing, and sometimes we still do!

I first met the Westerly Morris Men singing. I just didn't know it at the time. The Mystic Contradance used to be held at the Stonington Community Center. Afterwards, great numbers of the dancers would retire to the Seahorse Tavern in Noank, Connecticut, for hours of loud and wonderful pub singing, often led by Herb Nickel of the Westerly Morris Men.

This page has been created as a tribute to Herb Nickel, who moved to Arizona where he met his end peacefully on June 22, 2017. It is also a tribute to his late wife, Joan Nickel, who passed away on December 5, 2013, consequent to injuries from an auto accident. Joan was similarly gifted as a musician and Morris dancer.

This web page functions as a place for singers of songs to find songs to sing. It has been updated in January 2019 to also help singers of songs to find places to sing said songs with other singers, further down the page. If you wish to add other web sites or pub sings to this page, please send an email to the Web Master at

Westerly Morris Men Specific

1. The Church's One Foundation, a.k.a., The Dogs Were Having a Party

2. The Lantern Hill Song

Original lyrics to be found only here

3. Pub Sing Farewell

by Damaris Rohsenow, March 2019

4. Coming Down with Loud Meowing

by Damaris Rohsenow, May 2019

5. Skipper Jan Rebek – Parody

by Norm Dudziak, February 2019


6. An Apres Morris Song Archive

Morris aficionado Phil Carmichael put together in one 400+ volume an archive of lyrics to many of the best songs and ditties sung at 'post dancing' sessions, ales, and other occasions. You can access this massive body of work HERE, courtesy of The Morris Ring website.

7. English Folk Songs - Chords, Lyrics and Origins

8. Traditional Songs from England


9. Irish Songs and Lyrics

10. Scotish Song Lyrics

11. Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

12. Irish Songs, Music, Lyrics and Midis for Traditional, Drinking and Folk Songs

All Manner of Things to Sing

13. The Quahog Quire [of Rhode Island]


Special thanks to Lynz Morahn for bringing this to my attention and getting us all singing the Mchakamchaka Chant in Swahili at the Mystic Sea Music Festival in 2019. This web site has audio and video recordings of the songs being performed, as well as the printed lyrics, so you can learn from scratch songs you've never heard before.

15. A Traditional Music Library.

16. Tom Lewis Song Lyrics (Sea Music)

Where to Sing!

As of this writing, these are the places, days, and times I know of to find pub sings in Rhode Island:

  • First Mondays at The Parlour with the Quahog Quire on North Main Street in Providence, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

  • Second and Fourth Mondays at Flatbread Company Providence at 161 Cushing Street, in Providence (just off Thayer Street around the corner from CVS), 7:00 - 10:00 PM. NOTE that this is a NEW LOCATION, starting February 25, 2019.

  • Third Fridays at the Irish Ceilidhe Club of RI on America Street in Cranston, 8:00 - 11:00 PM

None of these listings should be taken as gospel. Go to the Rhode Island Pub Sings Facebook page to ask or to find out for sure before you go. There is also the Quahog Quire Facebook page. Special events at the venues have priority, so you can't be sure unless you check.

Definitely not local, but if you can get to Brattleboro, Vermont, on the third Saturday of the month, there is a wonderful pub sing at McNeill's Brewery 3-5 PM hosted by Tony Barrand and Amanda Witman. See their Facebook page for details.

Herb Nickel (L), with Wally and Carol Fenn and
Everett Munro (R), Scotland 8/13/87
Joan Nickel performing Mosley Bobbin
in England, 1988.

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