Supporting the Westerly Morris Men

ENJOY: The Westerly Morris Men live to perform, so if you would like to come see us dance, find out where we will be and when by checking on the Events page. It has been updated for the first half of 2013 with the events we currently have scheduled.

STAY INFORMED: The Westerly Morris Men are launching a new occasional email newsletter to let you know about upcoming events, report on past events, or provide historical photos and stories. Sign up by clicking on the image below:

Newsletter Signup

INVITE: If you wish to invite the Westerly Morris Men to perform at an event, please contact Squire Peter Leibert at phone # 860-887-9184, or send an email to the Web Master at

JOIN: If you wish to support the Westerly Morris Men, the BEST thing you can do is come to a practice and see if you might consider joining us. There is no obligation to join if you visit us, as many have done in the past. Being a traditional mens' team, only men can be dancers. However, both men and women are eligible to be musicians. If you would like to give us a look for a fun Tuesday evening, please contact us in the same way as above.

SHOP: Some ads are being added to this web site. If their content is of interest to you, please click on them and see what you think. If you follow through and a small commission is generated, 1/4 of it will support the Westerly Morris Men directly, with the rest supporting this team web site. There is no additional cost to you!

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